Das Volk

Leo Stern und Stiftung KUNST.BILDET.WISSEN present

Bread and Games – Happenings for the people

1) VOLK – Maltag/ Drawing Day :

On May 6th is ‚Kinderweltmaltag', it's a special day for children to let them paint and draw and stimulate their creativity.
The artist Leo Stern will provide paint equipment for parents and their children and coach them on the 4th floor of hamburg's ‚stilwerk'. stilwerk is an exclusive marktplace for home interior, design and lifestyle products.

At this point Leo Stern will display his spectacular sculptures, the chromed giant emmets named ‚VOLK' (nation/ peoples), till may 26th. So kids are allowed to draw emmets, also parents could let their imagination to Leo Stern's ‚VOLK' run wild.
Afterwards the results will be donated to the foundation „Kindermalen“, an organization for underprivileged children worldwide.

Also Leo Stern will contribute 100 autographed screenprints, which show the first draft of the ‚VOLK', (amounting of 200 euro).
There will be 700 fortunes for 15 euro each. Five of them will flow into a good cause, into the donation ‚Kunst.Bildet.Wissen.'
Our mediapartner will contribute the fortunes. The price will be given at the exhibition on 26th may, the day of the Finissage. If you are the lucky winner, but you aren´t able to be there on that day, we will send you the price. You can register here or click for more information:
info@dasvolk.com or telephone number: 00491723067863

2) Speakers Corner: the world's biggest talk show!

Take part of the world’s biggest talk show. Speaker’s corner is placed in hamburg’s
‚stilwerk’, one part of the journey of Leo Stern’s ‚VOLK’. Inform the ‚VOLK’ about your
wishes, dreams, fears, claims and hopes. In 90 seconds. Your statements will be filmed
and sent to the most important politicians. Also they will be placed in the blog,
www.dasvolk.com and seeded on www.youtube.com. In extracts the statements will
offer to TV stations. On each place, the ‚VOLK’ will be, ‘speaker’s corner’ is a part of it
and act as a forum for interested people. By this the world’s greatest talkshow is created
step by step.

3)The ‚VOLK' takes a stand

In the context of Leo Stern's exhibition ‚DAS VOLK' you've got the chance to take part of the mass and take a stand.
Find your place in the mass by using the possibilities playfully. The installing of Leo Stern is your setting where you will be photographed. Your pictorial statement will be send per email.

DAS VOLK, Leo Stern, Basel 2008, Foto: Tom Fecht      Impressum